Saturday, 18 July 2015


Alcohol is psychoactive substance cause worldwide 3.3 million deaths every year represent 5.1% of all deaths majority 25% of them are age group between 20 to 39(according to WHO). It involve in more then 200 diseases and fertile soil for tuberculosis and HIV. Alcohol have no nutrition value an Ounce of alcohol have greater then 200 calorie with zero nutrition value despite it reduces absorption of essential vitamins(vitamin A,B, C..) and other substance( folic acid, Mg, Selenium, ), it also depleted the antioxidant of body. Teenager show longitudinal aspect of alcohol. Epitatic effect a sweet poison feel by person taking alcohol in starting; that is positive attitude of alcohol (person feel happy with that).  


My genius professor compare "Alcohol addiction as Falling of love with someone". 
There are plenty of reason leading to deadly habit of alcohol addiction here i briefly try to simplify as such possible.
        1. Alcohol impact on body in such a way that it depresses central nervous system and person progressively lead to damage of CNS,
        2. It damages the reticular system of brain ;main on/off button of CNS for aerosol purpose so if alcohol damaged that part of brain then aerosol must be impaired,
        3. Restlessness whole night, helpless, Memory lapsis(memory load shedding) the blackouts are there.
        4. Alcohol damages other tissues as well i-e amygdala, liver, pancreas lead to pancreatitis, stomach damage lead to ulceration and unfortunate people suffer from stomach cancer it also depleted vitamin and nutrition to get absorbed.
      5.Alcoholic person make him isolated form society, it develop pathological jealousy (for his wife and other persons..), and end up as psychopathic personality.        
      6. In fact alcohol damages every system it may be your CNS, heart myocardium, kidney, neuropsychiatric, it completely knot out the dopaminergic neurons.

  • If both parents are alcoholic the first child must be alcoholic.
  • Inter-personality crises:Couple always wooden talk with each other ,asking of absurd questions, try to force hit on the sap, keep on irritating and many more are enough to dig a hole in partner this lead to crises between then more prone to addict alcohol afterward develop temporal attitude(temporalization of symptoms) it flirt to treatment with thinking of that once happen the see! also feel rejection from society.  

Certain factor mandatory to consider while dealing alcoholic person
     1. Stigma: disgrace from society in which living.
     2. Feeling of ashame
     3. Guilt; feeling of guilty on this act.
     4. Fear of failing treatment
     5. embarrassing may be at extreme.
Simply by very delicate sweet and beautiful counseling a heart of treatment if you rich of that talent(good listener) patient must be get better. Simply remove these barrier to seek health by any means.

The main stem of treatment is on Abstinence of alcohol 50 to 60% successful over 1 year treatment remaining failure of treatment is due to poor social support, psychological problems and others.. The main point is to completely inhibit habit of alcohol.

Detoxification: It may be medical emergency as dextos result in seizure,hallucination..
Rehabilitation and maintaining of sobriety.
Drugs: benzodiazepam main stay other FDA approved Disulfiram, Natrexone, Anti depreesent may be added. It is wise to add multivitamin.
Doctor must concer with cardiologist, physician, and other regarding complication.
Caution: never use drugs by own always see the doctor for proper treatment.