Sunday, 2 February 2014


Fish the God gifted creature.Fish is very very beneficial for our body they help to increase our high density lipoprotein (HDL) the good cholesterol and reduce the LDL bad cholesterol that's why protect the body from a lot of adverse effect on circulatory system.
Milk is good source of nutrition produce by  mammary gland of mammals.

Well people all around the World especially south Asia(Pakistan..) believe that fish consumption along with milk lead to special type of discolouration of skin(de-pigmentation) some religious perspective of Jews,Hindus and Catholics also believe this.

In the beginning i was very much confuse between these;in fact i also believe but when i asked this question to the dermatologist and other doctors; i found nothing but a old wives' tale. I further confirm but there are no such harmful reaction in body that lead to the de-pigmentation of skin because of consuming of fish and milk at same time.I thing in the past some one ate a bad fish after that he may drunk milk and become ill and put the blame on that combination.
In-fact variety of fishes even baked in the milk,Salmonella served with cream sauce.

BOTTOM LINEFish and milk consuming at same time doesn't effect the skin and body.It is nothing but a old myth.