Thursday, 19 February 2015


Eating right is key of healthy life as we all know. Some food which is good and healthy for our heart, body surprisingly some of them also good for our eyes. Eyes are complex organ which has its own nutrient requirement so the diet low in fat and rich in vegetables, fruit, whole grain.. is play a beneficial role in keeping your eyes healthy and good for your heart as well. Some of them as follow.

Well the fresh water fish salmon, tuna and other is beneficial in delaying the onset of macular degeneration(age related eye disease) this is because rich in omega 3 fatty acid. A plenty of researches shows that diet rich in omega 3 fatty acid ( as in olives) delayed the onset or lower the risk of age related eye disease.

Citrus food is rich source of vitamin C also have plenty of anti oxidant which help to prevent or at least delay the opacification of lens due to age and also age related macular degeneration. Plenty of researches shows that a high level of vitamin C is helpful in preventing both eye related degeneration. So the fruit rich in vitamin C is good for our eyes. Fruit i-e Oranges, lemon, grapefruit, tangerines and much more.

Broccoli or kale is one of dark leafy vegetables contain high amount of lutein and zeaxanthin both compounds are present in eye and believe to lower the risk of age related changes in the eye some studies is carried out that use of lutein is related to lower the risk of age related changes upto 20% a good value. People doesn't like kale have other family member of kale like spinach, collards, turnip greens.

All kind of legumes contain zinc an essential trace mineral in our body and eye have high in zinc concentration. Zinc protect our eyes from the direct sunlight which may damage the eye. Legumes like Black eyed peas mainly, kidney bean and many more. You also get zinc from other sources i-e red meat ,poultry....

Carrot! you all think about it no doubt it is good for your eyes health but it is rich in beta carotene helps in night vision so other food is superior that why i keep them above.

Make sure you use the glasses to protect from UV light. Every 20 min of computer work eyes are relax by looking 20 feet away to distant target and 2 hr work need 10 to 15 min break this will help your eyes to keep healthy.