Sunday, 1 February 2015


There are many many foods which packed with skin-boosting vitamins and protein. Actually these vitamin neutralize the oxidant of our body which is capable of destroying any human cell so if you kept these oxidant in control the automatically body cells are protected and do well. If these oxidant are free then a lot of diseases is waiting for you, in unhealthy food a lot of oxidant (bad one) present instead of anti oxidant (the good one) so which lead to chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, obesity and plenty of a lot more.
If you stick to the healthy food by eating more fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and grains.... and cutting out the starchy crab and fats ( use unsaturated fat and cut down saturated , tarns-fatty acid) you will be feeling well and healthy at any stage of life. In the following article some top food are listed.

The one of Worlds healthiest, food found around the whole year mainly in mid summer. Almond packed of vitamin E skin (boosting), high in fiber that decrease your hunger, despite of fact they rich in calories but does not contribute to belly fats. Some nutritional fact about almond. Sliced,raw, Almond 1/4 cup (approx 23 grams) contain %age daily value of
100 grams contain 576
protein 21 grams 42%
iron 20%
Fiber approx 11%
biotin 49%
calcium 26%
vitamin E 40%
magnesium 67%
copper 26%
B 12 approx 18% and a lot more..

  • Almond lower the bad cholesterol the LDL and hence reduce the risk of problem related to heart. Almond high monounsaturated fat (good fats) same found in olive oil. 
  • This is low glycemic index food they protect and lower the risk against cardiovascular diseases as well as diabetes.
  • May help to lose body weight

Fresh apples are one of good source of vitamin C 7% daily value (same function like vitamin E help to reduce the oxidant of our body it also helps to stabilize the connective tissue of our body which is present in approx whole body). Apples contain 52 calories (2000 based) per 100 grams and contain 107 mg potassium. Apples are also good source of soluble fibers hence reduce body cholesterol.

One of the amazing food loaded with phyto-nutrients that help in preventing the chronic illness such as diabetes, heart attack and so on. Blueberries contain low calories and rich in vitamin C. 100 grams contain 57 calories ,16% daily value of vitamin C and 5% B-12 and others. 

This is good source of folate (which is extremely require for the cells which continuously being formed like our blood cells, gestor-intestinal lining and many more places if folate is deficient then normal cell is become enlarge and less functional as previously). Also rich in vitamin A and C. Per 100 grams contain 34 calories, 316 grams of potassium, 148% of vitamin C , 12% of vitamin A, 10% of vitamin B-6.

They are good source of low-fat protein and other dietary fiber. They are also good source of iron, potassium and phosphorus.

Fish rich in omega 3 fatty acid .Which protect against arrhythmia and do not clot blood vessel  so it actually protect from artery plaques and embolism hence reduce the blood pressure and lower risk of stroke, myocardial infarct. Salmon fish rich in this fatty acid and low in saturated fat and cholesterol , good source of protein. per 100 grams of 208 calories, protein 20 grams 40% daily value , vitamin B-6 30%.

Spinach is good source of magnesium, vitamin A as well as vitamin C and folate. It protect against age related vision problems (like night blindness, macular degeneration and others) because it contain beta carotene, zeaxanthin and many more. It may protect against certain heart diseases and malignancies. 100 grams contain 23 calorie, potassium 558 milligrams, vitamin A 187%, vitamin C 46%, magnesium 19%.