Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Waste is manage to minimize the consequences on the living life and the environment as well. The environment is effective by some waste after or during the process of managing but not doing anything to it is not a good idea. After we throw our waste (it may be of any kind) we hardly think about that where it goes, what happen to them, actually we are not bother to think about it. Once the trash leave the home it is not over yet it begin its long journey when they transported to appropriate center for managing the waste and make it suitable that doesn't impact on human life. There are popular method of managing the waste
1.Incineration of waste
2.Sanitary landfills
The countries chooses according to their availability of landfill or they burn the waste down.

Simply means burning of waste. In this all the trash put into a big chamber and burn it down some have litter chamber for domestic to larger once for the municipal use this process of managing the waste is looking nice but it has its advantages and disadvantages also. When a lot of trash is burning down a boom of carbon dioxide is release which is not a good sign for the environment so we managing the waste on the cost of environment. The waste contaminated with hospital or hazardous waste from factories really need this management at any cost. MODERN incineration processes are now more efficient with release less amount of carbon dioxide as fireplaces. The Germany, Netherlands and Denmark use it very effectively bad point is that it is expansive.

The term means a large part of land quite away from the living places where all the waste from nearby fields is deposited. As a large waste is deposited each day the place is soon be full so there are no more land for the waste another issue is the soil pollutant and other noxious substance. The landfill management is all concern about that to sorting out all the waste and only those waste is send it to which is recycled as well is composted but many towns just throw the waste which include paper,glass, plastic which need thousands of year to decompose so nut shell is that the land is soon fill and become smelly. Proper landfills help to minimize that pollutants to get into water table but is is difficult and expensive too.

Waste material is reuse by different processes, Recycling is actually processing of used material into new useful one. This helps to reduce the fresh raw material, reduce the fuel consumption, reduce the water ,air and other mean of pollution so it is great way of controlling pollution and protect the environment. It also conserved the natural resources. In many countries different bin bag is provided to collect waste in right bin bag this makes the work easier and less difficult. Recycling provide the job to person to collect, work in recycling companies. Waste material which is recycled is
a.Paper waste
b.Plastic waste
c.Glass waste
d.Aluminium waste

Paper waste includes copies, newspaper, magazine, cardboard and every paper material which can't be useful for us.
Plastic waste includes rubber bags , plastic wrappers, bottles, plastic bags.
Glass waste includes bottles, broken glass and so on.
Aluminium waste cans from the fruit, tomato mainly from soda, and any can. Recycling of 1 ton of these aluminium cans conserve more then 207 million Btu exactly equal of 36 barrels of oil or 1,665 gallons of gasoline.