Friday, 13 September 2013

da Vinci ROBOT(surgical system)

Every thing is meliorated with the time during this century, a lot of mind blowing technology is ramping up  in every field of science.Technology play a fundamental  role in the life, it is as important as diet. We are in the century in which we can't survive even a single sec without technology.
Nothing in this world works better than human brain the ALLAH (GOD) gifted brain we can build everything which we thought.I particularly concern about the revolutionised technology of health department of science.
The da vanci robot (Traditionally the laparoscopic surgery is change).
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared the da Vinci robotic surgical system in 2000 for multiple uses(urologic,general non cardiovascular ,cardiotomy ..)

da Vinci surgical system is the robotic surgery system this system is made by an American company 'Intuitive surgery' .Manufactures called da Vinci system "da Vinci" because in part  the first robot invented by "Leonardo da vinci" and discovered by "Mario Taddei" .

The robotic surgery is that help full for surgeon or not whats its benefit and lost points ??

THE da vinci ROBOT
The da vinci robot is highly modified surgical system with limited error ratio. It is consist of the sequence of arms ,console,tower ,and the 3-D cameras .

Da vinci robot have four combination of arms the arms is modified in such a way that they are more efficient to human hands .The arms are control by the computer that exactly replicates movements of the surgeon which is operating.The 3 robotic arms can hold multitude of different surgical instruments, and the 4th one is holding a 3-D camera.

The surgeon manipulate the arms by maneuvering the two master controls which provide precision fine movement(just like that the surgeon is playing a video game).

The tower is positioned directly over the patient during the ongoing surgery.Tower hold arms like surgeon hands.

The console where surgeon sits and control the robotic arms while looking into stereoscopic monitor which give magnified,high definition 3-D view of surgical area where the process is ongoing. 

The FOOT SWITCH; used to regulate between two different energy source.
TOUCH PADS;that work for surgeon in such a way that surgeon easily adjust the video,audio.....
The system is design in excellent manner that surgeon is relax and focused position all the time.
Additional two dimensional view for the rest of the surgical team that what the surgeon doing on the da Vinci's stereoscopic monitor(interesting).


 Da Vinci robot have a number of surgeon friendly features.

3-D high-definition vision;that provide magnified view of surgical site hence the error is minimum.

An additional arm;this arm give approx 50% more capability of operation than hands.

Wrist action(mechanical wrist);extra mobile wrist action the robot have mechanical wrist and can hold wide array of surgical specialized instrument(with great variety of movement) that human hands can not capable off.

Scalability;robot simplify the complex movement like knot-tying during the operation and the complex movements which can not made by human hands.Complex movement inside the body during surgery is very difficult because of visual acuity is low and surgeon even can not see what he doing but it is all about experience or da Vinci robot!

The da vinci robot use a lot of surgical procedure include mitral valve repair,gastric bypass ,a lot of more ..

Surgeon never use like that before ,thats why its hard to learn how to operate because on the surgical table their is no chance of error.

It is the robot which is programmed according to a software that software can not modified by  physicians hence restrict the freedom of modify the system.When you want to do additional movement you must built software first.

Most important is that $2 million or more place it beyond the reach of many institutions.Fact is that if people turn towards the robotic surgery then number of operation by robot is increase thats why its cost decrease.

The robotic surgery is revolutionizer above the today's open surgery; healing is good, no post operative or minimal pain, in short it is good and more life saving than other technologies. Every good thing has its on side effect hence they have also like its electronic skill ,computer operative ,software and many more it is count able because we deal with human there are no chance of practical or mistake .This robotic system is use because of less disadvantages and more advantages.