Thursday, 24 December 2015


Iron is essential element of body as we all know that  iron is not in diet or you lose iron too much regardless of any cause anemia ensure, iron require for RBCs to carry proper oxygen to tissue of body. Many physician prescribe iron supplementation  (medicinal for anemias and prenatal supplemental ) to patient also as OTC medicine. These iron supplementation are present in home if unfortunately kid swallows large number of these tablets most often vitamins because of thinking that eating candies (usually kid younger than 6 years of age) acute toxicity occur. Until 1990s the iron is leading cause of death among children younger then 6 years from medicine now it is not much common at all.
Mainly children suffer from sever gastrointestinal distress because iron is corrosive to GI lining and due to that symptoms of nausea, vomiting(with blood in it hematemesis),bloody diarrhea and many more.


Due to excessive bleeding and fluid loss dehydration shock occur, difficulty in breathing and ultimately iron destroy our body tissue which makeup our organ because iron is toxic to cells wventully multiple organ failure, seizure ,coma and death occur.

Take to emergency where prompt treatment is life saving with gastric aspiration plus carbonated lavage ,fortunately there is an antidote deferoxamine IV.

First thing to store iron supplements away from children (infect all medication store in child resistant cabinets). Don't take any extra by own always consult the doctor before taking. In any case of emergency take immediate to hospital.

Saturday, 18 July 2015


Alcohol is psychoactive substance cause worldwide 3.3 million deaths every year represent 5.1% of all deaths majority 25% of them are age group between 20 to 39(according to WHO). It involve in more then 200 diseases and fertile soil for tuberculosis and HIV. Alcohol have no nutrition value an Ounce of alcohol have greater then 200 calorie with zero nutrition value despite it reduces absorption of essential vitamins(vitamin A,B, C..) and other substance( folic acid, Mg, Selenium, ), it also depleted the antioxidant of body. Teenager show longitudinal aspect of alcohol. Epitatic effect a sweet poison feel by person taking alcohol in starting; that is positive attitude of alcohol (person feel happy with that).  


My genius professor compare "Alcohol addiction as Falling of love with someone". 
There are plenty of reason leading to deadly habit of alcohol addiction here i briefly try to simplify as such possible.
        1. Alcohol impact on body in such a way that it depresses central nervous system and person progressively lead to damage of CNS,
        2. It damages the reticular system of brain ;main on/off button of CNS for aerosol purpose so if alcohol damaged that part of brain then aerosol must be impaired,
        3. Restlessness whole night, helpless, Memory lapsis(memory load shedding) the blackouts are there.
        4. Alcohol damages other tissues as well i-e amygdala, liver, pancreas lead to pancreatitis, stomach damage lead to ulceration and unfortunate people suffer from stomach cancer it also depleted vitamin and nutrition to get absorbed.
      5.Alcoholic person make him isolated form society, it develop pathological jealousy (for his wife and other persons..), and end up as psychopathic personality.        
      6. In fact alcohol damages every system it may be your CNS, heart myocardium, kidney, neuropsychiatric, it completely knot out the dopaminergic neurons.

  • If both parents are alcoholic the first child must be alcoholic.
  • Inter-personality crises:Couple always wooden talk with each other ,asking of absurd questions, try to force hit on the sap, keep on irritating and many more are enough to dig a hole in partner this lead to crises between then more prone to addict alcohol afterward develop temporal attitude(temporalization of symptoms) it flirt to treatment with thinking of that once happen the see! also feel rejection from society.  

Certain factor mandatory to consider while dealing alcoholic person
     1. Stigma: disgrace from society in which living.
     2. Feeling of ashame
     3. Guilt; feeling of guilty on this act.
     4. Fear of failing treatment
     5. embarrassing may be at extreme.
Simply by very delicate sweet and beautiful counseling a heart of treatment if you rich of that talent(good listener) patient must be get better. Simply remove these barrier to seek health by any means.

The main stem of treatment is on Abstinence of alcohol 50 to 60% successful over 1 year treatment remaining failure of treatment is due to poor social support, psychological problems and others.. The main point is to completely inhibit habit of alcohol.

Detoxification: It may be medical emergency as dextos result in seizure,hallucination..
Rehabilitation and maintaining of sobriety.
Drugs: benzodiazepam main stay other FDA approved Disulfiram, Natrexone, Anti depreesent may be added. It is wise to add multivitamin.
Doctor must concer with cardiologist, physician, and other regarding complication.
Caution: never use drugs by own always see the doctor for proper treatment.

Sunday, 12 July 2015


Dengue has emerged since in 1950s as worldwide problem by first recognition of dengue hemorrhagic fever during endemic in Thailand and Philippine. Dengue effect as many as 400 million people are infected each year, more then one-third of world's population living in dengue risk affected areas. An estimate tells 500,000 people with sever dengue require hospitalization  each year large proportion of whom are children  and 2.5% of effected dies. Real culprit is dengue virus carried by mosquitoes; which is leading cause of death in tropics and subtropics rarely occur in United states but endemic in Rico ,Puerto, Latin America, Southeast Asia and Pacific island.
Four closely related to each other is DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3 ,DEN-4 .Recovery from each serotype provide lifelong immunity against that particular serotype.

Aedes aegypti female mosquito is a primary vector for dengue. Lives in urban and breed in container made by humans it is a daytime feeder contrast to others peak biting period is early morning and in evening before dusk. Infected female transmit the virus and able to transmit to whole life its incubation period is 4-10 days.

High fever of  104 degree Fahrenheit accompanied by 2 of symptoms include: muscle and joint pain, pain behind the eye, sever headache, nausea, vomiting ,rash. Symptoms last for 2-7 days. Flu like illness affect infants, child's and adults but it seldom cause death.

Prevention is better then treatment so preventing mosquitoes egg lying habitats by some modification .As cleaning of domestic container of water on weekly basis and put proper insecticides in outer containers, proper disposal of waste, wearing long-sleeved clothes, household protection through screen windows ,coils ,sprays, active monitoring and surveillance of vector is required.

yet not any vaccine to prevent infection with dengue virus so only most effective protective measures are those that avoid the mosquito bite. If infected then early recognition and prompt supportive treatment is substantially lower risk of any medical complication related to it and death.
Dengue is mosquito borne viral infection,found in tropical and sub-tropical climates worldwide, cause flu-like illness serious illness and death among children, incidence of dengue potentially grown over recent decades, half of population is at risk, no specific treatment control of dengue is to control of vector.

Sunday, 17 May 2015


According to WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATIONS there are top blunder made by people without know how its effect on body and brain health so the purpose of this article is to please pay caution and try to avoid these habits and understand them.

This is happen in normal life as you are getting late you doesn't prefer to take breakfast on other things. Actually over a sound sleep body use blood sugar and as you wake up your body needed a booster to start off if you doesn't breakfast your blood sugar level goes down -this called hypoglycemia occur- and this lead to dangerously reduce the supply of nutrient to our CNS(brain) which lead to destruction of brain. So i requested to every one do a healthy breakfast early in morning as you up.

Over eating is one of the drastic habit which lead to raised in cholesterol and other bad elements which lead to damage in arteries and deposit upon them which lead to hardening of vessel process called atherosclerosis due to this blood supply to brain substance is reduce which lead to ischemia of brain lead to destruction of brain substance and mental function is impaired so less and better eating is key to healthy life. Some neurological disorder lead to overeating too. Check your calorie before taking the diet maintain weekly chart and keep sharpe eye on weight.

Smoking cause many other manifestation in body along with involvement of brain and nervous tissue also . Compound in smoking lead to multiple brain shrinkage and lead to Alzheimer disease so guys quit smoking today if you reduce the pack per day its doesn't help you out totally cessation of smoking is key to healthy life. Smoking lead you to cancer and death also.

High sugar use lead to interfere with other nutrition absorption because they compete with them and fulfill the energy requirement of body so body deficient in other essential nutrient which use for mental function and normal homeostasis. i-e a glass of coca cola have a lot of sugar in it that may lead to sugar overflow as well as other systemic conditions.


Environment is key component of life healthy environment is indicator of healthy life if there is so much air pollution ,bad pollutant decrease the oxygen of environment so when person inhaled this air less oxygen is going into blood and the brain is very much depended and most consumer of oxygen in body so if oxygen is less mental function will be disturb. Busy cities generally have bad environment then village and less busy cities.

Sleep will allow the cells of body to repair and enhanced its activity. If sleep being derivate for a long that will lead to exaggerated brain cell death . Sleep will enhance body language personality and keep brain in good aerosol form .Night sleep is ever good as anything els.

Head covering with any thing lead to raised the level of carbon di oxide and decrease oxygen level because body use oxygen and release carbon di oxide that raised that level with is toxic to brain enhance cell death in brain which may impact on activity.

Brain and whole body in illness fight against infection, illness that lead to under-functioning of brain if you use that too much that will lead to decrease the activity of brain .Best is that you must rest 2 days until otherwise your illness gets you 5 days so be smart don't use brain during illness.

Most popular game of the intelligent world is chess why this is so? because that allow brain to think wisely and widely which help the brain to expand its capability to respond promptly .Thinking is best way to sharpen the brain if you don't use it like that persons brain shrink as in Alzheimer (age related disorder).

To increase the brain efficiency the intellectual conversation is best .Less talking lead your brain activity low. Conservation is best way to get entertain you and your brain.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Bone is a dynamic body tissue which get calcified and strength our body ,give exact shape ,posture which is impossible without it. Bones are living tissue which keep on remolding whole life (bone formation and destruction) in older age the process of destruction of bone(by osteoclast cells) is more the formation(by osteoblast cells) that's why in old age bone are weak and prone to fracture. Simply how much you stronger your bone in young age(before 30) that will delay destruction. Osteoporosis is define as reduced bone density, which causes a micro-architectural deterioration of bone tissue and lead to an increased risk of fractures. More the bone density stronger bone you have.  Most common associated with postmenopausal women. Other causes as follow.

Some of drugs work for body but with side effects (as every good thing have bad thing with it).
Corticosteroids is important cause of osteoporosis depend on duration and dose of therapy. Practically there is no safe dose of corticosteroids but if dose (prednison) exceed 7.5mg daily for 3 months the risks dramatically increase, key impact on osteoblast (bone forming cell) which is inhibited by this.Other agents are GnRH, sedative, anticonvulsion, alcohol excess, heparin.

There are multiple endocrine problem causes osteoporosis some of them are Hypogonadism, cushing's syndrome, hyperparathyroidism (destroy the bone and extract the calcium out of it) , hyperthyroidism.

Inflammation is not good for health as well as our bone chronic inflammation lead to the destruction of bone and risk of osteoporosis is develop i-e Rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis.

Malabsorption the problem is with your absortion mechine so less amount of calcium absorped lead to osteoporosis, chronic liver disease.

Some cancer and infection may cause osteoporosis but less in number. Myeloma,HIV infection....
You may not feel that your bone is weak until fracture occurs, asymptomatic until fracture occurs, back pain, often episode of minimal trauma may occurs.

If you feel some kind of weakness go for dexa scane (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) at lumber spine and hip. If T-score value is less then or equal to -2.5 you have it(osteoporosis).

Aim is to reduce the fracture. Cessation smoking right now, dietary calcium intake is helpful, regular bone stress exercises, Here moderate amount of alcohol intake is good, Vitamin D, protein diet, reducing harmful substance, minerals.

Consult to doctor for proper treatment normally bisphosphonates is the main stay.

Thursday, 19 February 2015


Eating right is key of healthy life as we all know. Some food which is good and healthy for our heart, body surprisingly some of them also good for our eyes. Eyes are complex organ which has its own nutrient requirement so the diet low in fat and rich in vegetables, fruit, whole grain.. is play a beneficial role in keeping your eyes healthy and good for your heart as well. Some of them as follow.

Well the fresh water fish salmon, tuna and other is beneficial in delaying the onset of macular degeneration(age related eye disease) this is because rich in omega 3 fatty acid. A plenty of researches shows that diet rich in omega 3 fatty acid ( as in olives) delayed the onset or lower the risk of age related eye disease.

Citrus food is rich source of vitamin C also have plenty of anti oxidant which help to prevent or at least delay the opacification of lens due to age and also age related macular degeneration. Plenty of researches shows that a high level of vitamin C is helpful in preventing both eye related degeneration. So the fruit rich in vitamin C is good for our eyes. Fruit i-e Oranges, lemon, grapefruit, tangerines and much more.

Broccoli or kale is one of dark leafy vegetables contain high amount of lutein and zeaxanthin both compounds are present in eye and believe to lower the risk of age related changes in the eye some studies is carried out that use of lutein is related to lower the risk of age related changes upto 20% a good value. People doesn't like kale have other family member of kale like spinach, collards, turnip greens.

All kind of legumes contain zinc an essential trace mineral in our body and eye have high in zinc concentration. Zinc protect our eyes from the direct sunlight which may damage the eye. Legumes like Black eyed peas mainly, kidney bean and many more. You also get zinc from other sources i-e red meat ,poultry....

Carrot! you all think about it no doubt it is good for your eyes health but it is rich in beta carotene helps in night vision so other food is superior that why i keep them above.

Make sure you use the glasses to protect from UV light. Every 20 min of computer work eyes are relax by looking 20 feet away to distant target and 2 hr work need 10 to 15 min break this will help your eyes to keep healthy.

Sunday, 1 February 2015


There are many many foods which packed with skin-boosting vitamins and protein. Actually these vitamin neutralize the oxidant of our body which is capable of destroying any human cell so if you kept these oxidant in control the automatically body cells are protected and do well. If these oxidant are free then a lot of diseases is waiting for you, in unhealthy food a lot of oxidant (bad one) present instead of anti oxidant (the good one) so which lead to chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, obesity and plenty of a lot more.
If you stick to the healthy food by eating more fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and grains.... and cutting out the starchy crab and fats ( use unsaturated fat and cut down saturated , tarns-fatty acid) you will be feeling well and healthy at any stage of life. In the following article some top food are listed.

The one of Worlds healthiest, food found around the whole year mainly in mid summer. Almond packed of vitamin E skin (boosting), high in fiber that decrease your hunger, despite of fact they rich in calories but does not contribute to belly fats. Some nutritional fact about almond. Sliced,raw, Almond 1/4 cup (approx 23 grams) contain %age daily value of
100 grams contain 576
protein 21 grams 42%
iron 20%
Fiber approx 11%
biotin 49%
calcium 26%
vitamin E 40%
magnesium 67%
copper 26%
B 12 approx 18% and a lot more..

  • Almond lower the bad cholesterol the LDL and hence reduce the risk of problem related to heart. Almond high monounsaturated fat (good fats) same found in olive oil. 
  • This is low glycemic index food they protect and lower the risk against cardiovascular diseases as well as diabetes.
  • May help to lose body weight

Fresh apples are one of good source of vitamin C 7% daily value (same function like vitamin E help to reduce the oxidant of our body it also helps to stabilize the connective tissue of our body which is present in approx whole body). Apples contain 52 calories (2000 based) per 100 grams and contain 107 mg potassium. Apples are also good source of soluble fibers hence reduce body cholesterol.

One of the amazing food loaded with phyto-nutrients that help in preventing the chronic illness such as diabetes, heart attack and so on. Blueberries contain low calories and rich in vitamin C. 100 grams contain 57 calories ,16% daily value of vitamin C and 5% B-12 and others. 

This is good source of folate (which is extremely require for the cells which continuously being formed like our blood cells, gestor-intestinal lining and many more places if folate is deficient then normal cell is become enlarge and less functional as previously). Also rich in vitamin A and C. Per 100 grams contain 34 calories, 316 grams of potassium, 148% of vitamin C , 12% of vitamin A, 10% of vitamin B-6.

They are good source of low-fat protein and other dietary fiber. They are also good source of iron, potassium and phosphorus.

Fish rich in omega 3 fatty acid .Which protect against arrhythmia and do not clot blood vessel  so it actually protect from artery plaques and embolism hence reduce the blood pressure and lower risk of stroke, myocardial infarct. Salmon fish rich in this fatty acid and low in saturated fat and cholesterol , good source of protein. per 100 grams of 208 calories, protein 20 grams 40% daily value , vitamin B-6 30%.

Spinach is good source of magnesium, vitamin A as well as vitamin C and folate. It protect against age related vision problems (like night blindness, macular degeneration and others) because it contain beta carotene, zeaxanthin and many more. It may protect against certain heart diseases and malignancies. 100 grams contain 23 calorie, potassium 558 milligrams, vitamin A 187%, vitamin C 46%, magnesium 19%.