Thursday, 24 December 2015


Iron is essential element of body as we all know that  iron is not in diet or you lose iron too much regardless of any cause anemia ensure, iron require for RBCs to carry proper oxygen to tissue of body. Many physician prescribe iron supplementation  (medicinal for anemias and prenatal supplemental ) to patient also as OTC medicine. These iron supplementation are present in home if unfortunately kid swallows large number of these tablets most often vitamins because of thinking that eating candies (usually kid younger than 6 years of age) acute toxicity occur. Until 1990s the iron is leading cause of death among children younger then 6 years from medicine now it is not much common at all.
Mainly children suffer from sever gastrointestinal distress because iron is corrosive to GI lining and due to that symptoms of nausea, vomiting(with blood in it hematemesis),bloody diarrhea.


Due to excessive bleeding and fluid loss dehydration shock occur, difficulty in breathing and ultimately iron destroy our body tissue which makeup our organ because iron is toxic to cells wventully multiple organ failure, seizure ,coma and death occur.

Take to emergency where prompt treatment is life saving with gastric aspiration plus carbonated lavage ,fortunately there is an antidote deferoxamine IV but it is toxic too in high doses so better is prevention.

First thing to store iron supplements away from children (infect all medication store in child resistant cabinets). Don't take any extra by own always consult the doctor before taking. In any case of emergency take immediate to hospital.