Sunday, 17 May 2015


According to WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATIONS there are top blunder made by people without know how its effect on body and brain health so the purpose of this article is to please pay caution and try to avoid these habits and understand them.

This is happen in normal life as you are getting late you doesn't prefer to take breakfast on other things. Actually over a sound sleep body use blood sugar and as you wake up your body needed a booster to start off if you doesn't breakfast your blood sugar level goes down -this called hypoglycemia occur- and this lead to dangerously reduce the supply of nutrient to our CNS(brain) which lead to destruction of brain. So i requested to every one do a healthy breakfast early in morning as you up.

Over eating is one of the drastic habit which lead to raised in cholesterol and other bad elements which lead to damage in arteries and deposit upon them which lead to hardening of vessel process called atherosclerosis due to this blood supply to brain substance is reduce which lead to ischemia of brain lead to destruction of brain substance and mental function is impaired so less and better eating is key to healthy life. Some neurological disorder lead to overeating too. Check your calorie before taking the diet maintain weekly chart and keep sharpe eye on weight.

Smoking cause many other manifestation in body along with involvement of brain and nervous tissue also . Compound in smoking lead to multiple brain shrinkage and lead to Alzheimer disease so guys quit smoking today if you reduce the pack per day its doesn't help you out totally cessation of smoking is key to healthy life. Smoking lead you to cancer and death also.

High sugar use lead to interfere with other nutrition absorption because they compete with them and fulfill the energy requirement of body so body deficient in other essential nutrient which use for mental function and normal homeostasis. i-e a glass of coca cola have a lot of sugar in it that may lead to sugar overflow as well as other systemic conditions.


Environment is key component of life healthy environment is indicator of healthy life if there is so much air pollution ,bad pollutant decrease the oxygen of environment so when person inhaled this air less oxygen is going into blood and the brain is very much depended and most consumer of oxygen in body so if oxygen is less mental function will be disturb. Busy cities generally have bad environment then village and less busy cities.

Sleep will allow the cells of body to repair and enhanced its activity. If sleep being derivate for a long that will lead to exaggerated brain cell death . Sleep will enhance body language personality and keep brain in good aerosol form .Night sleep is ever good as anything els.

Head covering with any thing lead to raised the level of carbon di oxide and decrease oxygen level because body use oxygen and release carbon di oxide that raised that level with is toxic to brain enhance cell death in brain which may impact on activity.

Brain and whole body in illness fight against infection, illness that lead to under-functioning of brain if you use that too much that will lead to decrease the activity of brain .Best is that you must rest 2 days until otherwise your illness gets you 5 days so be smart don't use brain during illness.

Most popular game of the intelligent world is chess why this is so? because that allow brain to think wisely and widely which help the brain to expand its capability to respond promptly .Thinking is best way to sharpen the brain if you don't use it like that persons brain shrink as in Alzheimer (age related disorder).

To increase the brain efficiency the intellectual conversation is best .Less talking lead your brain activity low. Conservation is best way to get entertain you and your brain.