Saturday, 6 July 2013



1. Exercise and sleep effects 

Proper sleep and good exercise is the key to regulate the brain, as we wanted .Growth hormone which release more in sleep helps to regulate all the body activities including the brain. Exercise boost our immunity and protect us from infections. During exercise blood is circulate well from every organ of body including brain. So proper night sleep in dark room is very much helpful and 30 minute brisk walk every day help you healthy.

2.Laughter is good for memory 
Make fun with friend and hang out keep your brain fresh and allow brain to think in all directions. Happiness is key to regulate everything I guess. If you happy you done all the work in time, If person is depress they can not perform the function well as compare to other person so happiness is key regulator of your social relationship as well as personal and for specially your brain which work like a boost on them.

3.Make balance between stress and problems 
Make sure that the stress lower your activity ,balance between problem and management help you out. try to be gentle and smart with every problem because when ever you face problem solution is always be there so try to search the solution of problem instead to getting angry. If you search the way out your brain will make it faster instead of shouting and other kind of stuff which make brain activity low (because of sympathetic drive).

4.Eat food like walnut
 over calorie food should be avoided because they cause brain performance low. Good choice of food always helps you. Almond is good food of choice because rich in vitamin E and other vitamin, rich in fibers and many more so choice is food is important simply go nuts..

5.Brain workout 
Play any type of puzzle chess or any other which require brain to work out is excellent way,Make mnemonics of thing for remembering .During that kind of game the brain activity is more then an ordinary game so overfull.